Google introduces wireless service

Google introduces wireless service


Google today launched a beta test version of Google SMS, this new service will allow US wireless users to query Google for almost any type of information. By sending a text-based message to “GOOGL” (46645), information such as business and residential listings, product prices and even word definitions can be retrieved. Google SMS is still being worked on, it will be modified and improved before the final version, so the more people send feedback and advice, the better it can be.

On your mobile phone or handheld wireless device (even Crackberries), if for example you send an SMS to “GOOGL” for “pizza 10013”, you will receive a response within about a minute, of three (three is the maximum number of queries you can receive at this time) listings for pizza places in the 10013 zip code. As it stands now Google SMS is only available to AT&T Wireless, Cingular, Nextel, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint PCS customers in the USA, and in English only. No plans of expanding to other countries or languages have been announced, but who knows, Google is global.

Google SMS instructions and information are available at, suggestions for improving the service or reporting problems can be sent to: [email protected]