TomTom GPS Navigation Pre-Loaded with All USA Maps

TomTom GPS Navigation Pre-Loaded with All USA Maps


TomTom today announced the TomTom GO GPS Navigation system pre-loaded with all maps of the USA. The colour 3D navigation views make it easy to view, and for the safest way of travel, voice-guided routing instructions.

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TomTom Expands Product Line to Include New TomTom Go Pre-Loaded With Maps of the Entire United States

All-in-one Portable In-Car Navigation Device Covering the United States and Canada

TomTom, a leading in-car navigation solution provider, today announces its TomTom GO™ with pre-loaded detailed maps of the United States. The new TomTom GO complements the existing product line by offering an all-in-one navigation device that works straight out of the box. The TomTom GO with pre-loaded maps of the United States provides users with an easy-to-use plug and go navigation solution. Users need only to turn on the GO, insert the provided memory card with pre-loaded maps, and start navigating.

“With the new TomTom GO product, we have set an entirely new standard in what consumers can expect from personal navigation,” said Jocelyn Vigreux, President of TomTom USA. “TomTom continues to solidify our leadership position by offering the most comprehensive set of navigation devices available on the market. We remain fully committed to the PDA market and will continue to release new versions of the award-winning TomTom Navigator software for the Pocket PC and Palm platforms. With this broad product range, TomTom is well positioned to strengthen its leadership role in the fast growing personal navigation market, offering different solutions to different consumer groups,” concluded Vigreux.

TomTom has leveraged its expertise in navigation solutions to make TomTom GO the easiest to use navigation device available today. TomTom GO can be easily mounted to any car windshield or dashboard in seconds with the supplied car mounting kit. Simply turn the device on and you are immediately ready to navigate. Users will enjoy pre-loaded maps of the entire United States, full door-to-door navigation capabilities, color 3D navigation views, as well as voice-guided routing instructions.

By using TomTom GO’s unique and unparalleled touch screen interface there is no need to wrestle with multiple buttons or extra hardware when calculating routes. The intuitive touch screen interface allows you to plan a route with just a few taps of the screen. At the end of the trip, simply turn TomTom GO off with the click of a button. TomTom GO can be easily transported from car to car. The GO’s compact and stylish design combined with its 5-hour built-in rechargeable battery make it the perfect traveling companion.

Retailers can now offer an all-in-one solution that is so easy for consumers to buy and use immediately without any complicated installation or setup. TomTom was recently awarded top accolades at RetailVision for “The Best Digital Home Product”. The award reinforced TomTom’s commitment to producing the best products for consumers, and reiterated that retailers are embracing TomTom’s product line of portable, personal navigation products.

“Navigation systems continue to be a growing category for Tweeter and an important component to a complete mobile electronics solution,” said Dan Jeancola, Vice President of Audio and Mobile Electronics for Tweeter Home Entertainment Group. “We feel that the TomTom GO product is an excellent option for our customers.”

Pricing and Availability

TomTom GO with pre-loaded maps is available immediately at major retailers and e-tailers. Pricing is $999 in the United States. For a complete list of retailers visit the TomTom website at