Intel Joins Symbian Team, Microsoft Smartphone Dead?

Intel Joins Symbian Team, Microsoft Smartphone Dead?


Intel was feeling left out of the Symbian OS world for a while, but with a new agreement, they have managed to work their processors and technology into future Series 60 mobile handsets. As it stands now, the Texas Instrument OMAP processor sits inside 28 of 31 Symbian OS-based 2.5G and 3G handsets either in-market today or in pre-production phases.

Joining the Symbian team seems to be a strategic move by Intel, and only adds more weight to recent rumors that have surfaced about the end of Microsoft Smartphone platform by 2006. Pocket PC Phone Edition is their leading mobile software solution for cell phones, it offers Pocket Excel, Pocket Word, MS Reader and many other third party applications, exactly what the Microsoft Smartphone platform is lacking.

Intel and Symbian are also co-developing a 3G reference platform that will utilize both parties expertise in smartphones. Ultimately, it will enable mobile phone manufacturers to create a variety of handset styles while significantly reducing development time.

“This co-development marks a deepening of the 7 relationship between Intel and Symbian. By utilizing reference platforms from semiconductor technology providers such as Intel, Symbian OS licensees will be able to focus their energies to develop an even wider variety of differentiated, competitively priced Symbian OS products that meet the
specific needs of the market and their network operator customers.” said David Levin, Chief Executive Officer of Symbian Limited.