Curitel P1: First Two Megapixel TTS Phone

Curitel P1: First Two Megapixel TTS Phone


Curitel has released the P1 candy bar style handset to Korea, I know Korea is far away, but Curitel has managed to supply a couple million phones to Verizon Wireless, the actual reality of this type of handset coming to Europe or North America just got brighter.

Aside from the impressive 1.9-inch large LCD display, 2 megapixel CCD camera with built-in flash, auto focusing and 9 shot continuous shooting mode, the P1’s TTS functionality will allow for almost any type of text message to be heard. From multimedia appliances sending you messages, to everyday emails, the P1’s voice synthesis software will convert the message into an audible voice for you to hear. This is all possible because of the MSM 6100 chip, it stores a 28,000 word Electronic Dictionary including definitions and pronunciations and capable of speech synthesis, all packed into a 15.8mm handset.

(Thanks Koh Eun Sil for the tip!)