Finish Him – Mobile Mortal Kombat

Finish Him – Mobile Mortal Kombat


The fast paced fighting action game with lots of blood and fancy moves will be available to mobile users soon. THQ Wireless has licensed several Midway classics, one of which is the original Mortal Kombat arcade edition, it is set to be released as one their new mobile gaming arcade classics.

“Midway is excited to see THQ bring these classics to mobile phones,” said Steve Booth, vice president of licensing at Midway. “THQ has committed to develop content and graphics that have the same look, feel and sounds of the original arcade games; you can carry an entire arcade everywhere you go.”

The Midway classics in the works are:

– Defender (1980): One of the most influential arcade games of all time. As with the classic game, the objective is to defend the human population from swarms of attacking mutant aliens.

– Joust (1982):
Players are knights flying on the backs of ostriches, battling winged enemies from knights on vultures, to pterodactyls. And just like the jousting contests from the arcade game, the highest lance wins.

– Robotron: 2084 (1982):
Frenetic action that took the world by storm. The objective is to take out an endless horde of robot enemies that are determined to overwhelm the player!

– Spy Hunter (1983):
As a secret agent driving a sports cars rigged with all manner of weapons, the player outruns nefarious villains like the Enforcer, the Mad Bomber, and Switch Blade, who each have their signature deadly weapons.

– Marble Madness (1984):
Players control a marble through a colorful 3D world, out maneuvering enemies and obstacles in a race to the goal line. Obstacles include marble munchers, acid pools, an evil steelie marble, and more.

– Tapper (1984):
This classic takes place in a western saloon where the customers are thirsty and demand a tall cool root beer. Players must serve drinks to customers before they get ornery! Make sure you don’t break any glasses!

– Mortal Kombat (1992):
Considered by many to be the ultimate player versus opponent fighting game with digitized characters and background graphics, Mortal Kombat challenges players to finish off opponents in style through various martial arts tournaments.