Olympus AZ-2 Zoom Only 0.8-Inches Thick

Olympus AZ-2 Zoom Only 0.8-Inches Thick


The slim new Olympus AZ-2 Zoom 4 megapixel digital camera, with 2.8x zoom is set to first be released in the UK this November for $400 USD. It is only 0.8 x 2.4 x 4 inches, and has a 2.8x optical zoom lens with a huge 2.5-inch LCD screen that displays higher constrast images, even in direct sunlight. This is purely a next generation digital camera, it has no optical viewfinder, and has one of the nicest designs Olympus has yet released.

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The Olympus AZ-2 ZOOM with 2.5 inch LCD

The four million pixel AZ-2 ZOOM is a triumph of minimalist design. At just 20.1mm wide the camera boasts the latest in slim line technology, resulting in great performance and a crystal clear, 2.5-inch sunshine LCD to present the results. Even when in use, the camera retains its compact style and dimensions – its 2.8x zoom lens operates from within the camera body.

The Olympus AZ-2 ZOOM is planned for release in November 2004 (UK) and October 2004 (US), priced £299.99 and $399.

Features Four million pixels

A 2.5 inch sunshine LCD to present high contrast images – even when the sun is at its brightest A 2.8x zoom which operates within the camera body TruePic TURBO image processor Camera shake correction function for movie shooting

Minimalist design flair

Nothing spoils the clean lines of the AZ-2 ZOOM. Its distinctive, slim form is not even compromised by a 2.8x optical zoom. An optical “folded” light path enables the AZ-2 ZOOM to deliver 2.8x magnification wholly from lens adjustments undertaken from within the camera itself.

Clear and bright viewing even in strong light

Until now, digital camera displays have only been used to frame and review photos. Not any more. The AZ-2 ZOOM’s revolutionary 2.5 inch LCD boasts 210,000 pixels and is impressively clear – the ideal way to show off and share photos. The LCD also makes light work of sunny weather. Innovative sunshine LCD technology uses semi-transparent layers that allow light to penetrate a few layers into the panel before it is reflected back. This, along with ‘back light’, preserves contrast to ensure the LCD presents dazzling images in all conditions.

Effortless handling with spectacular results

The AZ-2 ZOOM couldn’t be easier to use, thanks to a new joystick button that is in keeping with the minimalist theme. The joystick allows quick and easy use of menus and settings, which are clearly displayed in the LCD screen. Outstanding picture quality is always assured thanks to incorporation of the TruePic TURBO image processor, which also reduces image capture time. Finally, producing prints for friends or the family album is straightforward. The AZ-2 ZOOM supports the PictBridge standard, which enables effortless printing on compatible printers, such as the Olympus P-10.

The Olympus AZ-2 ZOOM – main features:

Slim body (depth of 20.1mm)
4.0 million pixels
2.8x optical zoom (equiv. 40 – 112mm on 35mm camera), f2.9-4.8
5.5x digital zoom (in SQ2 mode up to 11x)
2.5 inch sunshine LCD, 210,000 pixels
Visual calendar function
TruePic TURBO image processor
13 scene programmes (e.g. Landscape with Portrait, Indoor, Fireworks, Sunset, Portrait, Sports, Sleeping Face)
Joystick button for easy operation
PictBridge support
Camera shake correction function for movie shooting