Vodafone Announces 7 new 3G Handsets

Vodafone Announces 7 new 3G Handsets


Vodafone K.K. today announced that they will introduce 7 3G handsets in Japan based on common Vodafone Group world-standard specifications (the “Vodafone 902/802/702 series”). Planned for the Christmas period, the portfolio consists of the Vodafone 902SH by Sharp, the 802SE by Sony Ericsson, the 802SH by Sharp, the 802N by NEC, the 702NK (Nokia 6630) and the 702MO and 702sMO by Motorola.

The Vodafone 902/802/702 series has been developed by Japanese and non-Japanese handset vendors under common specifications for Vodafone Group operators worldwide. The wide selection in 3G handsets has been made possible by working in close cooperation with the Vodafone Group.

The new handset range uses world-standard WAP 2.0/MMS as a common platform for web and mail services, which will enable customers in Japan to enjoy worldwide services in the future. For even richer communication and more sophisticated content, large expansions have been made to mail attachment and web download file sizes, and V-appli application capacity has been greatly increased. In addition, the new platform makes it possible to offer streaming services and international video telephony both in Japan and abroad.

Coinciding with the handset release, Vodafone K.K. will offer price plans that allow customers to confidently enjoy services and content based on these new and innovative platforms.