AT&T Wireless Loses Customers by the Millions

AT&T Wireless Loses Customers by the Millions


Years of dropped calls, lost signals and ineffective customer service has caused AT&T Wireless to lose millions of customers in the first three months of this year alone. These customers were not just upset and annoyed, they were pissed. An AT&T regional sales manager said customers were walking away flipping us the bird, they couldn’t wait to get away, however AT&T’s official company reason was that the company was experiencing “bad luck”.

It must have been some serious bad luck to list your company for sale so soon after number portability took effect, Cingular wireless agreed to pay $41 billion for them making it the single largest cash takeover in US history. This deal may close as early as next month and may cost the jobs of over 5,000 AT&T employees.

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