T-Mobile SDA Music Playback Mobile Handset

T-Mobile SDA Music Playback Mobile Handset


T-Mobile will soon be offering a new type of smart phone designed especially for music playback. I don’t see how this thing will fly, it only comes with 64MB of ROM and 32MB of RAM and even an expandable SD card slot won’t top a 20 or 40 GB iPod, we would be happy with almost anything over a gig, even a 4GB microdrive will do.

The SDA Music will play MP3, SMA, WAV, AMR-NB, Midi and SP-Midi, it weights about 100g and will last 240 minutes during talk time, 200 hours stand-by and an unknown amount of time for music playback. The phone will sell for about $125 with contract or $450 without.

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