PanGo Networks Locator Offers W-Lan Based Asset Tracking

PanGo Networks Locator Offers W-Lan Based Asset Tracking


PanGo Networks has just announced the availability of the PanGo Locater, a complete system that will allow companies to locate assets via their existing wireless LAN infrastructure.

“Positioning systems that use 802.11 wireless LANs enable companies to track high value assets without the need for a proprietary network,” said Abner Germanow, Enterprise Networking Research Manager, IDC. “Using a wireless LAN for asset tracking and other location based services provides a quick return by simplifying application deployment and management.”

PanGo Locator’s product features include:

— System configuration, logical space mapping and management
— An intuitive, map-based view of assets, including detailed views via floor-level and/or “zone-level” tabs
— Sophisticated filtering based on asset class, location, and other customer-specified criteria
— Pre-populated asset icons and group representation for multiple assets in same location
— Detailed asset data by selecting an item on a map
— Sophisticated search capability based on asset class, location and other criteria
— Logging and storage of all asset activity and alerts for analysis
— Sophisticated reporting capabilities on current and historical asset status
— Integration support for complementary workflow, scheduling and asset management systems