Skype v1.0 for Pocket PC

Skype v1.0 for Pocket PC


Skype has officially released Pocket Skype v1.0. This free version was developed for Wi-Fi PDA devices, it will allow users to make an unlimited amount of free calls over the Internet when connected to a Wi-Fi network. Skype can only connect with other Skype users, but the Pocket PC version will allow cross platform communication to Mac OS X, Linux or even Windows Skypers.

Skype for Pocket PC Free Features:

* Free — unlimited calling to all other Skype users with superior quality
* Global Directory – user-built global directory of Skype contacts with numerous search options and an easy add-a-contact tool
* Security – end-to-end encryption for privacy
* Conference calling – the ability to participate in Skype conference calls with up to 5 people
* Customization – My Picture image display
* Mobility – Apply Skype from any Wi-Fi hotspot in the world
* Multiple Skype accounts on one computing device
* Instant messaging and more

Skype for Pocket PC includes the SkypeOut service, offering global calling to any traditional telephone number at local rates. The service allows Skype users to prepay and use their computing device and Internet connection to call landlines and mobile phones anywhere in the world. SkypeOut Global Rate pricing is 1.7 Euro cents per minute (approx USD$0.02). The complete country rate sheet is available at