Alphamosaic Unveils Most Advanced Mobile Multimedia Processor

Alphamosaic Unveils Most Advanced Mobile Multimedia Processor


Having scored a world-first with VideoCore, Alphamosaic has launched VC02, the world’s most advanced Mobile Multimedia Processor. It can display video on 3.5-inch colour LCDs and capture 8 Megapixel images, making it ideal for watching TV, making videos or taking studio-quality photos on handheld products such as mobile phones. The power-efficiency of VC02 will allow many hours of continuous operation on a single battery charge, a unique feature for such a high-performance multimedia chip.

Based on Alphamosaic’s new video-processing engine VideoCoreII, VC02 is completely programmable and able to handle the full range of audio and video formats. This makes it ideally suited to the new generation of multimedia-enabled mobile phones as well as solid-state camcorders, handheld digital TV and portable video recorders with miniature hard disk drives. Using your phone to send video clips to your friends, recording a late-night movie to watch on a train the next morning……whatever the application, VC02 is the ideal multimedia solution.

Alphamosaic CEO Dr. Jalal Bagherli said, “Working in close collaboration with our mobile phone VideoCore customers has given us a deep understanding of their multimedia needs. This has enabled us to design a chip with the optimum feature-set for their next-generation of products, anticipating the trends in handheld multimedia and video-enabled mobile phones.”

Key Features:
– Very Low Power: MPEG4 encode from only 10mW
– NTSC/PAL direct video output
– VGA MPEG4 encode/decode at 30fps with audio
– 8 Megapixel JPEG encode and decode
– Ability to process raw Bayer camera data
– 3GP and MP4 file, streaming and MMS support
– Multiple format audio recording and playback
– DRM ready
– 64 polyphony MIDI player and music synthesiser
– Onboard USB 1.1
– 1.25 MBytes of on-chip SRAM
– High quality graphics acceleration for 3D games
– SD, MMC, SDIO and MemoryStick interfaces
– 100% programmable

VC02 offers a whole range of connectivity options such as USB, SD-Card memory and can even drive a TV or full-size monitor directly. As the most complete mobile multimedia processor offering the longest battery life, VC02 further establishes the VideoCore family as the industry-standard solution for handheld video and entertainment.

Samples and evaluation boards are available now.