Samsung SPH-V5400 Phone Sports 1.5 GB Hard drive

Samsung SPH-V5400 Phone Sports 1.5 GB Hard drive


Samsung has unveiled the first ever mobile phone with internal hard drive. The SPH-V5400 was launched at the ITU Telecom Asia exhibition yesterday. The 1.5 GB 1-inch hard drive in the phone is mainly used for storing images and MP3 music files, it will also allow for FM radio transmitting so you can play music from the phone to a nearby radio.

Some other features include TV output, dual external speakers and dual LCD display, one of which is a thin film transistor TFT LCD with 240 x 320 pixel resolution and the other sub screen is an organic light emitting diode (OLED) display capable of 128 x 128 pixel resolution.

Samsung plans to sell the phone in South Korea by November for about $799 USD. The phone will function on CDMA2000 1x EvDO networks. Samsung also recently unveiled the 3 megapixel camera phone with optical zoom lens, why this did not have a 1.5-inch hard drive is beyond me, although it does have a mini-SD card slot.