1394 Trade Association Takes Steps to Wireless Firewire

1394 Trade Association Takes Steps to Wireless Firewire


The 1394 Trade Association today announced that it has approved the WiMedia Alliance’s MAC Convergence Architecture (WiMCA) as a platform for a high-speed wireless 1394 protocol adaptation layer (PAL) development. The PAL permits IEEE 1394 devices and protocols to be used in a wireless environment at speeds up to 480 megabits per second, while allowing compatibility with existing wired 1394 devices.

The 1394 TA also said it will collaborate with the WiMedia Alliance to develop interoperability test specifications and certification programs for wireless 1394. The association’s Wireless Working Group and Compliance and Interoperability Working Group will direct collaboration.

In addition, the Trade Association will collaborate with the MultiBand OFDM Alliance SIG (MBOA) to coordinate the development of UWB and wireless 1394 specifications. “The 1394 Trade Association is fully committed to the development of wireless FireWire technology by creating a wireless 1394 PAL that incorporates optimal quality of service,” said James Snider, the executive director of the 1394 Trade Association.

Specifically, the 1394 Trade Association Wireless Working Group has authorized work on a 1394 PAL specification based on the MBOA MAC. PAL development will begin this quarter, according to Peter Johansson, the group’s chairman. “The MBOA MAC is an intriguing departure from contemporary MAC architectures,” said Johansson, “and the Wireless Working Group will begin immediately to design a PAL tailored to it.”

“The 1394 TA decision is further confirmation that the consumer electronics, personal computing and mobile industries are rallying together around a UWB platform,” said Glyn Roberts, President of the WiMedia Alliance.

“From its beginning, the MBOA’s mission has been to promote the best overall solution for rapid UWB deployment,” said Robert Aiello, MBOA-SIG promoter member and CEO of Staccato Communications. “The 1394 TA’s decision to develop a wireless 1394 PAL for WiMedia’s MAC Convergence Architecture is positive for the future of UWB.”