Creative MuVo2 Hacking is Back!

Creative MuVo2 Hacking is Back!


I’m sure every gadget freak remembers the MuVo2 4GB Hitachi mini drive that was easily removed and could be used in any Compact Flash device. The retail price for that drive was $499, but you could buy the MuVo and remove the drive for $200. Quite a deal! Recently Creative released a new version of their MuVo2 player with the 4GB drive but it included protection from using the drive in other devices.

Even more recently (September 2nd) Creative released the MuVo2, a 5GB version with the Seagate ST1 5 GB mini compact flash drives installed. It wasn’t long before the dudes over at VR-Zone hacked this puppy and removed its drive. Check out the instructions on how to remove the drive HERE. VR-Zone popped the drive into their Nikon D70 compact flash capable camera and it worked like a charm. The device that they removed the drive from was bought in Singapore, it is unsure if the devices that will come out in North America will be hack able, but lets keep our fingers crossed!

For complete hacking info visit VR-Zone Hardware site.