Colour Screen MP3 Player from Median

Colour Screen MP3 Player from Median


The MX-100 from Median is a MP3 player which has a 65,000 colour display, but that is just the beginning of its impressive feature list. The player is also capable of displaying photos, and playing games on it’s 96×96 dot resolution screen.

As for the list of the playable codec’s; WAV, MP3, WMA, and ASF are all included with OGG format in development. Other features to note are the built in FM-Tuner, 3D sound, voice recorder, and some nice and fast USB 2.0.

Oh, I forgot to mention another cool feature, the MX-100 also has a IR remote.

Not sure when this device will hit the streets, but stay tuned to MobileMag and we will be sure to tell you!

For more info on the MX-100, check out the company’s webpage.