Mobile/Wearable Computers Used for Security at Republican National Convention

Mobile/Wearable Computers Used for Security at Republican National Convention


Xybernaut the makers of wearable computers deployed their Mobile Assistant V – MA V to the NYPD in order to provide mobile video surveillance/security at the Republican National Convention.

The MA V used with a simple webcam or even a video camera combined with a Wi-Fi card and Managed Media Services video streaming provide an excellent solution for law enforcement to view live video from their officers.

See press release below.

Xybernaut Corporation
and Managed Media Services LLC today announced a combined solution that incorporates mobile/wearable computers with secure video streaming software that operates over wireless networks.

The unique solution, which the companies are deploying initially with law enforcement agencies during the 2004 Republican National Convention (RNC) in New York City this week, provides one of the first truly comprehensive offerings of mobile computing and streaming technologies for a wide variety of industries.

The solution combines Xybernaut lightweight and powerful Mobile Assistant and Atigo wireless mobile computers with Managed Media video streaming software.

“The combination of our technologies is a significant step toward delivering powerful and on demand information for use by emergency and law enforcement personnel while in the field,” stated Steven A. Newman, president and COO. “Our initial joint deployment is a wandering, wireless video transmitter that is enabling New York law enforcement agencies to literally walk around the RNC convention floor, as well as conduct outdoor security around the Madison Square Garden venue, by sending real-time, live video to a web page for viewing by the NYPD teams.”

The combined product enables any video camera (whether it is an inexpensive webcam, a personal handy-cam, or a sophisticated television-grade camera) to be connected to Xybernaut computers via USB or Firewire ports and transmit real-time video and sound to a specific, secure Web server for viewing by authorized personnel, wherever they may be.

“Our MMS software does not require a heavy client application, and the Xybernaut wearable computers are capable of transmitting full-speed video in a highly mobile manner,” stated Todd Atchison, president and founder of Managed Media Services LLC. “In fact, the MAV and Atigo products — with the use of a Wi-Fi card or a cell card — can become ‘on-the-run’ (literally) video transmission systems for anything from surveillance to point-of-action video streaming.”

As part of the initial RNC application, the NYPD has deployed for several MA-V/AtigoT units in concert with the MMS video client as a part of their surveillance work during the Republican National Convention August 30- September 4.

The Xybernaut-Managed Media Services technologies are allowing the various law enforcement agencies to manage operations by having various types of critical information — in addition to the real-time video — at their fingertips, including building floor plans/schematics, specific images related to a facility or site, incident command protocols and other critical response data.

This equipment allows critical incident response teams to formulate tactical plans based on real-time/actual video images, decreasing deployment time and increasing operational efficiency. Once on site, responders coordinating various efforts and teams will continue to have access to critical video data via the wearable computers.