iUbi PMP2020: The Archos Competition

iUbi PMP2020: The Archos Competition


With the announcement of the new Archos product at CeBit 2004 PVR enthusiasts had a field day with the list of new features coming to the Archos PVR. Until now the PVR category has been dominated by Archos. The iUbi PMP2020 has all the same features as the anticipated Archos 500.

The iUbi will be capable of playing audio and video on its 3.5″ TFT screen or through its composite video-out port. Playable codec’s will include MPEG2, MPEG4, Xivd, Divx 3.x, 5.x, ASF, SMI, AVI, MWV. Where can you store all of this media? On the iUbi’s 20GB HDD 1.8″ hard drive.

Digital Audio support is also included with the ability to play MP3, and WMA formats at a maximum of 320kbps.

The PMP2020 also has PDA functionality complete with a touch screen enabling you to organize yourself through the use of Email, Calendar, Internet Browsing, and Address book.

The unit will also be capable of playing internet radio.