Sony Announces 3 New Point and Shoot Cameras

Sony Announces 3 New Point and Shoot Cameras


Sony has announced their upcoming line of digital point and shoot cameras. The DSC-V3 packs a 7.2 megapixel sensor, the DSC-L1 weighs in at 4 megapixel, and the DSC-T3 with 5 megapixels.

The 3 cameras are Sony’s answer to other product lines that have been recently been released by Canon, Nikon, and Casio.

The DSC-V3 is their high end point and shoot with 4x optical zoom, RAW image format option, and Sony’s NightShot technology enabling users to take photos in complete darkness up to 15 feet.

The DSC-L1 has been given their Ultra-Compact title packing in a 3x optical zoom lens and comes in 3 different colors to fit your style.

The DSC-T3 is their Ultra-Slim camera that has a unique lens that allows for 3x optical zoom without a telescoping lens. Despite the size of this camera it features a 2.5″ LCD screen to enable reviewing and previewing of pictures.

All three new cameras are expected to hit the streets in October with a suggested retail price of the following:

DSC-V3 – $700
DSC-L1 – $329
DSC-T3 – $549