Siemens 65 Series Bug could cause Hearing Damage

Siemens 65 Series Bug could cause Hearing Damage


Siemens mobile has warned users about a software-related defect in its 65 product series, the C65, CX65, M65, S65 and SL65 may cause an extremely loud melody when the battery is run down causing your connection to be lost. The level of the volume could lead to hearing loss, Siemens recommends to deactivate the disconnection melody or the disconnection animation function. Another suggestion is to stop using your phone as soon as the first “low battery” warning signal comes on. To deactivate the disconnection melody, the user must first select the “Setup” item in the menu, then “Ringtones,” afterwards “More melodies,” and then the “Shutdown melody” can be deactivated by selecting “Switch off”.

The error only occurs in the following case and in version 11 or earlier versions of the software. “During a telephone call, the battery has to have run down to such an extent that the warning signal notifying the user about this status has rung three times in the space of one minute. After this has occurred, the call is automatically disconnected. Shortly before the mobile phone finally shuts down, it will start playing the disconnection melody, which can play back at high volume in certain cases. If the user is still holding the phone up to his ear during this time, this can lead to hearing damage.”

New equipment has been developed to stop this malfunction in the 65 series products, after approval is granted from service providers the new software will be supplied to users in the next few weeks.