Intel to Annoucne Tri-Mode Wi-Fi Chipset

Intel to Annoucne Tri-Mode Wi-Fi Chipset


Intel has plans to introduce a chip that adds support for an obscure version of Wi-Fi this week, their plan is to help ease congestion on existing wireless networks. The tri-mode Wi-Fi chip is expected to be announced later today, it will support 802.11a, 802.11b and the new fastest version of 802.11g. Having a single chip in your notebook or wireless device with compatability for all three standards will relieve the clutter for a lot of users, and resolve some congestion issues. The tri-mode chip will first be seen in the latest Intel Centrino notebooks.

As it stands now, analysts say 802.11a can accommodate more network traffic at an efficient speed without interfering with cordless phones or microwaves. Unfortunately 802.11a is not compatible with other Wi-Fi technologies, therefore it is much less popular. It’s surprising that only 24 of 1,250 certified Wi-Fi products are designed for strictly single-band 802.11a network use.

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