First Boombox Featuring XM Satellite Radio Announced

First Boombox Featuring XM Satellite Radio Announced


XM Satellite Radio will be offering the Audiophase SkyBox, the first product to feature an integrated XM Satellite Radio receiver, AM/FM tuner, and CD/MP3 player in a single device. The SkyBox is expected to sell for $200 and will be available at Best Buy and other retailers this fall. Now all we need is an internal harddrive for buffering live XM Satellite Radio, and the ability to burn it to CD directly off the boombox, the technology is here, lets see it people.

SkyBox features a full-feature CD player, MP3 playback capabilities, AM/FM tuner and a built-in XM Satellite Radio receiver with 30 channel presets for quick access to your favorite XM channels. In addition, SkyBox includes a multi-purpose two-line name display listing the XM channel name and number, as well as the artist name and song title.

SkyBox also has a memory feature that can remember the artist name and title of the song or programming for up to 15 entries. Subscribers can recall artist names and song titles at the touch of a button. Each SkyBox comes equipped with a wireless remote.