Sybase and AeroScout Deliver RFID Wi-Fi Tracking

Sybase and AeroScout Deliver RFID Wi-Fi Tracking


Sybases and AeroScout together have announced a Wi-Fi based real-time RIFD tracking soluction. This allows organizations to quickly locate and determine availability of critical resources using Wi-Fi wireless network-based infrastructure.

The Sybase mobile real-time RFID solution, which supports relational database management systems such as Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise and SQL Anywhere Studio, aggregates location data from AeroScout’s active RFID solution, as well as other passive RFID sources, and delivers it to mobile devices such as smart phones and PDAs, including Palm and PocketPC.

“Customers in numerous industries are recognizing the value of real-time visibility of wireless mobile devices as well as tagged assets, so we are delighted to be chosen as Sybase’s partner for delivering active RFID and RTLS capabilities to their new platform,” said Andris Berzins, vice president of Marketing and Business Development, AeroScout. “Our unique capability to locate standard Wi-Fi devices and active RFID tags in challenging and dynamic physical installations, when coupled with Sybase’s intuitive application solution for mobility, provides a strong value proposition to the customers of
both companies.”

Implementing applications that track valuable assets has become a priority in healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, defense and other industries. Real-time visibility of key resources, such as vehicle fleets, equipment, inventory and employees, is a business imperative in order to drive revenues, cut costs and improve efficiency. Through Sybase’s RFID middleware solution that delivers location-enabled content to mobile devices, customers in these industries can now view resource information in the field and act on it in real time.