SSEYO miniMIXA Allows for Mobile Music Making

SSEYO miniMIXA Allows for Mobile Music Making


The SSEYO miniMIXA for Microsoft Windows Mobile-based devices is a utility for anyone looking to record audio ringtones, be a mobile DJ or just have fun playing around with your tunes. MiniMIXA features a multi-audio channel mixer and recording studio with a wide range of sound effects per-channel. Midi and SKM music you create can be stored on your phone as a unique ringtone or sent to friends via MMS.

SSEYO MIXApaks can include custom background imagery that displays each time a mix is created from the pack, so providing strong visual branding opportunities for content partners.

Tim Cole, co-founder of SSEYO and now Head of Audio at Tao Group said, “Try jamming with two or more phones featuring SSEYO miniMIXA and you will understand why the mobile phone is the next electric guitar! That SSEYO can bring far-reaching and innovative music applications like this to the mainstream mobile market to underpin significant new value chain opportunities is thanks to Tao and Tao’s amazing partners.”

“It is fantastic to see innovative and exciting applications like the SSEYO miniMIXA enabling users of Windows Mobile-based devices to do so much more with their Smartphones and Pocket PCs,” offered Simeon Payne, European Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft’s Mobile and Embedded Devices Division. “Enabling budding DJs to mix music wherever they are in the world mean that they can capture innovative ideas as soon as they pop into their head. From mixing music to managing travel arrangements; the rich applications developed by our partners for the Windows Mobile platform offer an indication of the ways in which software is enabling people to do more with their mobile devices today.”

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Technology Background

Powered by the intent Sound System (iSS) from Tao Group, SSEYO miniMIXA draws on the full complement of advanced audio technologies within the iSS. These software technologies include comprehensive audio and MIDI frameworks, modular synthesiser, wavetable polyphonic MIDI synthesiser, generative music engine, audio effects plug-ins, visualisers and a range of codecs for standard and innovative formats. And, because the SSEYO miniMIXA utilises the intent platform, it is naturally binary portable to run on any hardware and chip-set combination.

SSEYO miniMIXA allows content to take advantage of a number of market leading mobile audio technology innovations which are set to impact the next wave of mobile music and ringtone opportunities.

— SSEYO Koan Music Engine

The BAFTA1 award winning generative music engine can create amazing and continuous music from files of only a few Kb. With music ranging from chillout to explorative, the whole generative music “scene” is now fast growing.

— Tao Modular Synthesizer

An integrated framework allows playback of the most amazing and advanced live sounds, FX and music.

— SKM (SSEYO Koan Mobile) format

For the ultimate in advanced compact mobile music, this open and extendable XML-based container format allows content to use the Modular Synthesiser and Koan Music Engine, as well as MIDI and compressed audio samples.