Invisible DNA Bar Code System Designed

Invisible DNA Bar Code System Designed


A Nano DNA-Barcode System (NDBS) was developed by a team of Seoul National University (SNU) professors and chemists, this is the world’s first invisible and omnipresent bar code system created.

By method of spraying or impregnation, DNA-encapsulated inorganic nano material is applied to products such as petroleum, paint, agriculture or livestock. The DNA of the product is not damaged by enzymes or heat during the product’s distribution or use, this leaves the barcode information intact and availble by extracting nano molecules by a method known as polimerase chain reaction (PCR).

“Organic vegetables and petroleum are encrypted with genetic codes that carry all information concerning a product, including its origin, quality details and suppliers. This allows a product to be identified and traced very easily. It can be used in the event of an outbreak of mad cow disease or an oil spillage,” said Professor Choy.

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