WiFi Quarterly Growth Update

WiFi Quarterly Growth Update


The latest edition of ABI Research’s “Wi-Fi Quarterly Service” shows solid second quarter growth across the bundle of wireless networking technologies collectively known as Wi-Fi.

According to Phil Solis, senior analyst at ABI Research, this quarter-to-quarter market growth is being driven by different factors in the consumer/SOHO space and in the enterprise. In the former, he says, “broadband adoption, and its accompanying purchases of access points and adaptors, have been boosting consumer spending. And there’s still plenty of room for more.”

Wi-Fi adoption has been slower in the enterprise sector. Over the past few years, prices for consumer equipment have been falling faster than those for enterprise-grade systems, and the SOHO and consumer spend has outpaced that of enterprises by a good margin.

But a bigger factor preventing greater Wi-Fi adoption in organizations has, says Solis, been security — or the lack of it. Now, however, 802.11i — the protocol intended to ensure Wi-Fi networks’ security — has been ratified, giving organizations a much greater level of comfort with the technology.

“With the security issue out of the way,” he observes, “we should see enterprise adoption continue to grow. It won’t be dramatic, but it will be solid.”

According to ABI Research’s market intelligence, the top three vendors of Wi-Fi solutions in the retail and SOHO segment are Linksys, D-Link and Netgear, while in the enterprise sector, the top trio consists of Cisco, Symbol Technologies, and Proxim.