T-Mobile Kicks It with the Sidekick II

T-Mobile Kicks It with the Sidekick II


T-Mobile today said they will begin to carry the Sidekick II, successor of the original popular Sidekick portable e-mail communicator this fall.

The Sidekick II is 25% slimmer in design than the original and has a new swivel colour screen, the reduction in size is a good thing, the old Sidekick was very very beefy.

Danger plans to release a desktop synchronization program so you can finally backup your contacts and calendar information, this program will also work with the older Sidekick model. The software will not be free, I think it should have been included regardless, no price is set for the software.

T-Mobile Sidekick II owners get their own email account and can set up as many as three external accounts to deliver email directly to their inbox. Yahoo! Messenger is now available for download to the T-Mobile Sidekick II, in addition to the fully integrated version of AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) service, meaning users can IM their friends at the same time they’re surfing the Web to find that perfect place to hook up tonight.