Cingular Wireless Launches Xpress Mail Service

Cingular Wireless Launches Xpress Mail Service


Cingular Wireless the Xpress Mail Enterprise and Network editions to run on several handheld devices, including the palmOne Treo 600. The service will allow secure, real-time wireless access to your e-mail, PIM and other company information over AES, SSL and VPN.

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Cingular Wireless Launches New Wireless E-mail Solutions for PDAs and Smartphones

ATLANTA — Cingular Wireless today announced the launch of two new enterprise-class wireless e-mail solutions, Xpress Mail Enterprise Edition and Xpress Mail Network Edition. Based on software from SEVEN, Xpress Mail Enterprise Edition operates behind the corporate firewall and Xpress Mail Network Edition is a managed service hosted by Cingular. Both solutions are suitable for organizations of all sizes and are designed to work on a variety of mobile devices, including palmOne’s Treo 600, offered by Cingular.

“Cingular is focused on providing affordability, flexibility and simplicity in wireless e-mail for our business customers, which means multiple devices connecting to multiple e-mail platforms with enterprise-class security, that are easily deployed and managed,” said Jim Ryan, Cingular’s vice president of data product management and business marketing. “Xpress Mail Enterprise Edition and Xpress Mail Network Edition are powerful, affordable e-mail solutions that are suitable for all employees – not just executives or road warriors.”

“Cingular has been a leader driving the first wave of wireless email adoption in North America. By adding Xpress Mail Enterprise Edition and Xpress Mail Network Edition into their wireless email portfolio, Cingular is providing a compelling and affordable option for businesses seeking a flexible, device-agnostic solution,” said Kent Thexton, president and co-CEO of SEVEN. “We are pleased to work with Cingular to remove the high cost and complexity from enterprise-wide email deployments.”

Xpress Mail Enterprise Edition and Xpress Mail Network Edition allow secure, real-time wireless access to e-mail, Personal Information Management and other company information. Xpress Mail Enterprise Edition puts a dedicated wireless mail server behind the corporate firewall, making it ideal for businesses that prefer to manage their own information and communications resources. Businesses that want the performance, functionality and security of an enterprise-class email solution, but do not want to own or manage the technology, can opt for Xpress Mail Network Edition and have Cingular Wireless manage the service from its secure datacenter. Both solutions use industry- leading security and encryption technologies such as AES, SSL and VPN, ensuring confidentiality, integrity and appropriate authorization at all points in the system.

Deploying Xpress Mail Enterprise Edition and Xpress Mail Network Edition is easy – once a business customer chooses between the behind-the-firewall and managed service options, users can be set up centrally by IT or individually, based on the company’s requirements. All device and service management takes place over the air, which saves enterprises both time and money. Each solution also features reporting tools that make it easy to monitor usage and service.

Xpress Mail Enterprise Edition and Xpress Mail Network Edition provide the following features:

– Behind-the-firewall server (XMEE): installing this lightweight server is simple; most businesses can be up and running in less than an hour;

– Managed solution (XMNE): Zero-footprint, with no incremental hardware or software to purchase, install and manage;

– Push-based data access: Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, IMAP and POP e-mail, personal contacts, global directories and documents are all available in real-time;

– Over-the-air synchronization: All data and updates are delivered over the air, with no need to cradle the device; synchronization schedule and alerts are customizable;

– Multiple inboxes: Access to multiple e-mail accounts from the same user interface;

– Global access: Users can securely check their e-mail from any PC browser across the world; a great compliment to an organization’s remote access strategies;

– Enterprise-class security: Utilizes best-of-breed security technologies such as 128-bit AES, SSL and VPN; data is never replicated to third-party servers outside the firewall.

Xpress Mail Enterprise Edition and Xpress Mail Network Edition are available today on palmOne’s award winning Treo 600 handheld wireless device, the first quadband (850/900/1800/1900) handset offered by Cingular. The Treo 600 provides Cingular customers with a single device to manage all of their voice and data communication, and allows them to take full advantage of the company’s GSM/GPRS network.

Xpress Mail Enterprise Edition and Network Edition airtime is $29.99 per user per month including 5MB of data usage, or $39.99 per user per month including unlimited data usage. There is a one-time setup and installation fee of $1500 for Xpress Mail Enterprise Edition. Xpress Mail Enterprise Edition requires a one-time connection fee of $999. Companies can order Xpress Mail Enterprise Edition or Xpress Mail Network Edition today by contacting their local Cingular sales representative or by visiting .