The Ultra-Slim Motorola RAZR V3 Mobile Phone

The Ultra-Slim Motorola RAZR V3 Mobile Phone


Motorola has just created a new category of flip phones with the release of the ultra-slim Motorola RAZR V3, it has one of the most advanced features and designs we have ever seen.

Measuring under 14mm (0.54-inches), the V3 is remarkably thin, the aircraft-grade aluminum gives it a solid and durable feeling. This will be one to look forward to.

See press release below.

Introducing the Motorola RAZR V3

Ultra-thin clamshell delivers sophisticated technology in an innovative package

Motorola, Inc., a global leader in wireless communications, today marked an industry first with the unveiling of the Motorola RAZR V3 — an ultra-slim, metal-clad flip phone sporting fantastically good looks along with full-featured functionality.

In a major innovation in design and engineering, the RAZR V3 team has created a phone of firsts. The combination of metals, such as aircraft-grade aluminum, with new advances, such as an internal antenna and a chemically-etched keypad, led to the formation of a device that measures just 13.9mm thin.

Yet the small dimension does not compromise the functionality and performance of the product. The next act for Motorola’s “device formerly known as the cell phone” includes taking pictures, talking out loud (via speakerphone), surfing the Net and playing MP3 ringtones and Java games. It also offers a 2.2 hi-res color screen, 3D graphics engine, Bluetooth® functionality, and precision cut keypad with electroluminescent “cool blue” backlighting.

“At Motorola, we are always striving to transform and evolve the design expectations for the mobile phone,” said Mike Zafirovski, Motorola’s president and chief executive officer. “By surpassing current mobile expectations, the RAZR V3 represents Motorola’s history of delivering revolutionary innovations while setting a new bar for future products coming out of the wireless industry.”

“With the RAZR V3, Motorola has created the most eye-catching handset on the market. For most consumers, form-factor is the crucial hook when choosing a mobile phone, and the V3 has form-factor in spades,” said Yankee Group analyst, Matt Hatton. “Couple this with the functionality you’d expect on a top-end phone and Motorola seems to have a winner on its hands.”