Motorola V551, A780 and MPx220 Coming Q4 2004

Motorola V551, A780 and MPx220 Coming Q4 2004


In a surge of press announcements today, Motorola unveiled several new phones today, the V551 EDGE phone, the A780 mobile office PDA and the official announcement of the MPx220 1.3 megapixel camera phone.

The V551 is a slim and sexy phone with the speed and flexibility of EDGE technology to enable rapid data exchange making it quicker and easier to send and receive images or download applications. Quad-band capabilities coupled with integrated Bluetooth wireless technology, speakerphone, conference calling and e-mail support ensure seamless connectivity.

For the lighter side of life, the V551 offers an integrated camera, dedicated photo button for quick shoot and send power, video capture and playback, photo editing capabilities and large 176 x 220 color display capable of supporting up to 65,000 colors. Users also will find Multi-Media Messaging Service (MMS) and MP3 ringtones — creating endless options for keeping boredom at bay.

The classically chic A780 is designed to offer a rich end-user mobile experience that includes intense mobile office connectivity plus multi-media entertainment. It combines the ideal features of a mobile phone with the capabilities of personal digital assistant (PDA), digital camera, video player, and MP3 player packaged in one compact device featuring a brilliant 240 x 320 color touch screen and quad-band technology.

To support the business-side of life, the A780 harnesses the power of EDGE which offers increased efficiency and network speed (up to three times faster than wired dial-up), enabling consumers to download more content, faster. It features Bluetooth wireless technology to allow for virtually instant wire-free connection between devices and the MOTOSYNC over-the-air synchronization solution for hassle-free coordination of corporate e-mail, calendar and contacts.

Built on an open Java + Linux platform, the A780 can also accommodate the coolest applications from games to productivity tools. Motorola launched the world’s first handset built on Java + Linux, the A760, last year. The new A780, along with the recently released E680, further the company’s commitment to making the Linux operating system a key pillar of its handset software strategy.

Finally, the Motorola MPx220 with Windows Mobile software for mobile professionals is the ultimate mobile e-mail device and includes an integrated 1.23 Megapixel Camera, Bluetooth Wireless Technology, Quad Band Performance and synchronization with your office.

A world class phone, the Motorola MPx220 is full of possibilities, packed with features and delivered in one aesthetically pleasing, sophisticated and compact design. The handset makes staying connected simple by providing continuous access to e-mail, IM, multimedia, and business contacts, as well as family and friends. It also boasts the latest in Bluetooth Wireless Technology, advanced downloading capabilities for Windows Mobile and Java applications, a speakerphone and expandable memory. Rounding out its stunning feature line-up is an integrated digital megapixel camera featuring zoom, flash, self-image capabilities, video recorder, camcorder and video playback.

The Motorola V551, A780 and MPx220 are all expected to be available in North America in Q4 2004. A variation of the V551, called the Motorola V555, will be available in Europe and Asia as well.