HP Unveils New iPAQ Line of Handhelds

HP Unveils New iPAQ Line of Handhelds


HP has today released a new series of the famous iPAQ mobile devices. The h6300 series targets mobile professionals and integrates GSM/GPRS, WiFi and Bluetooth. The hx4700 is the first mouse type Pocket PC with a touchpad and VGA screen, and protected by encryption and authentication with HP ProtectTools.

Finally the rx3000 series is capable of streaming content from a PC to play on your device or to other audio/video-enabled components on the network, it will also have an integrated digital camera, specifications are unknown at this time.

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HP today strengthened its ability to provide customers with the latest mobile services and content with the introduction of a new suite of HP iPAQ handheld devices and an alliance with T-Mobile USA, Inc. that expands the iPAQ lineup to address the growing converged data/voice market.

The iPAQs enable everyone from mobile professionals to consumers to wirelessly access digital content and services such as corporate data, wireless printing, music downloads and streaming video through a variety of existing and emerging mobile services.

“This new line of iPAQs sets the standard by which all other mobile devices should be judged, and includes the flagship iPAQ h6300, which takes full advantage of the rich digital services that today’s wireless networks provide,” said Alex Gruzen, senior vice president and general manager, Mobile Computing Global Business Group, HP. “As the industry leader in handhelds and a company that delivers products and solutions across the entire mobility spectrum — from devices, servers and software to infrastructure and services — HP is mobilizing enterprise customers by providing access to relevant content and information they need to stay productive.”

Linking innovative mobile devices to high-speed wireless networks

HP is partnering with T-Mobile USA to offer customers an enhanced mobile experience by seamlessly linking its innovative iPAQ hardware to T-Mobile’s national GSM/GPRS wireless voice and high-speed data network, as well as the T-Mobile HotSpot Wi-Fi Internet service. With its expertise in handheld devices and mobile network infrastructure and services, HP is uniquely positioned in the industry to make this encompassing technology experience possible.

Available exclusively from T-Mobile, the HP iPAQ Pocket PC h6315 is the industry’s first handheld to provide mobile professionals three-way integrated wireless voice and data capabilities over GSM/GPRS, Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity) and Bluetooth wireless technology.

Providing manageable and enhanced access to corporate data, e-mail and the Internet, the h6315 includes an innovative feature that automatically connects to the fastest available network and automatically switches to an alternate network if the initial connection is lost.

The iPAQ h6315 also delivers superb e-mail and messaging capabilities. When matched with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, e-mail, attachments, calendar updates and more can be automatically sent and synched with the device over a Wi-Fi or T-Mobile’s GPRS network.

“Mobile professionals are demanding anytime, anywhere access to help them communicate in new and better ways,” said Scott Ballantyne, vice president of business services marketing, T-Mobile USA, Inc. “The HP and T-Mobile relationship allows these customers greater connection access to what is important in their lives. Easier access to e-mail, integrated wireless connectivity, keyboard and even a camera, it’s everything you could want in a device.”

The HP iPAQ Pocket PC h6315 is expected to be available for purchase later this summer through HP online at www.hp.com as well as through T-Mobile stores, authorized dealers and national retail stores and online at www.tmobile.com. T-Mobile will be the initial and primary point of contact for activation, billing and support regardless of where the product is purchased.

Industry-leading innovation

Leading the worldwide handheld market in the first quarter of 2004 on a revenue basis, HP outsold the nearest competitor by more than 50 percent on a revenue basis. Building on this leadership, HP revealed its most innovative handheld lineup to date. Highlights of the new products include:

– First mainstream handheld with integrated three-way wireless capabilities (GSM/GPRS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technology) to give users access to data, e-mail and the Internet – HP iPAQ h6300 series Pocket PC.

– First Pocket PC to offer a touchpad with a mouse-like cursor making navigation simple and convenient – HP iPAQ hx4700 series Pocket PC.

– Four-inch VGA screen to allow business users to view PowerPoint and business presentations without having to modify the documents to fit the screen – HP iPAQ hx4700 series Pocket PC.

– First iPAQ that allows consumers to stream content from their PC to play on the HP iPAQ or to other audio/video-enabled components on the network for enjoyment in any room of a home – HP iPAQ rx3000 series Mobile Media Companion.

– First handheld in which data is protected by encryption and authentication from HP ProtectTools powered by Credant – HP iPAQ hx4700 series Pocket PC.

Meeting diverging customer needs

Like the desktop and notebook markets before it, the handheld market is maturing from a one-size-fits-all approach into segmented classes of products. HP designed and engineered the new iPAQ devices to meet the specific needs of mobile professionals, businesses and consumers.

The company’s first multimedia-focused handheld, the HP iPAQ rx3000 series, expected to be available later this year, leverages HP’s expertise in digital entertainment. With the iPAQ rx3715, consumers can take and share photos, or even take Hollywood’s finest or their own videos and enjoy them wherever they are.

HP’s mobile professional and business-focused handheld products incorporate the latest technology, including security features, ease-of-use and wireless innovation to allow customers to focus on e-mail, messaging and connectivity ease.