Sony Ericsson SO506iC i-mode Smart-Card Handset

Sony Ericsson SO506iC i-mode Smart-Card Handset


NTT DoCoMo announced the sale of the third smart-card handset, the Sony Ericsson SO506iC, compatible with the i-mode FeliCa service for e-wallet applications. Smart-card handsets users will be able to enjoy these i-mode FeliCa services at locations such as airports, cinemas and convenience stores.

The SO506iC is available in four colors, and comes with a “Fit Cover” jacket. The user can select the desired “Fit Cover” from among eight different styles.

Features of the SO506iC include automatic display snap to a full 180 degrees by simplying nudging it sideways from the closed position, an Audio Player which allows users to listen to pre-saved music in Memory Stick Duo(tm) even while accessing i-mode or e-mail, as well as a Disk Jog dial that enables users to type or flip pages and activate the manner mode even while the handset is closed.

The standard accessory pack includes a 16MB Memory Stick Duo, an adapter and one Fit Cover. An optional AC adaptor will cost 945 yen, a desktop holder will cost 630 yen, and a Fit Cover cost 630 yen.

Main Specifications of the SO506iC

Size: (folded) 106 x 50 x 28 mm
Weight: Approx. 140 grams
Continuous Stand-by Time: Approx. 460 hours
Continuous Talk Time: Approx. 140 minutes
Main LCD: Approx. 2.3 inches (320 x 240 dots); 262,144 colors; QVGA; TFT
No sub-LCD
External Memory Device Memory Stick Duo
Camera Outer: CCD camera
Effective resolution: 1.3 mega pixels
Recorded resolution: 1.23 mega pixels
*No inner camera
Colors: (attached Fit Cover) Vacance Rose (Chiffon Stream), Soil Black (Olive Ring), Airy Beige (Light Wave) or Tropical Turquoise (Blue Camouflage)
Fit Cover: Chiffon Stream, Olive Ring, Light Wave, Blue Camouflage, Multi-stripe, Misty Splash, Gold Panther, Flower Flower