Nokia 6651 Now Available from AT&T Wireless

Nokia 6651 Now Available from AT&T Wireless


AT&T Wireless and Nokia today announced the immediate availability of the UMTS (Universal Mobile Telephone System) Nokia 6651 imaging phone (GSM/GPRS/UMTS 1900MHz). Designed to operate on AT&T Wireless’ first-to-market high-speed UMTS network, the Nokia 6651 imaging phone features full-motion video capture, Bluetooth connectivity, and the unique ability to simultaneously send images while on a voice call. The Nokia 6651 phone can reach average data speeds of 220-320kbps, with peak burst speeds up to 384kbps.

The ability of the Nokia 6651 phone to send images while on a voice call is only one example of the simultaneous voice and data streams that AT&T Wireless’ new UMTS network enables. Additionally, the advanced XHTML browser can be used to access the wide range of content available through AT&T Wireless’ mMode service while simultaneously engaged in a voice call. In this scenario, an AT&T Wireless UMTS subscriber could use their mobile browser to watch a movie trailer, look up a movie time, check the weather, and decide on dinner plans, all while on the phone with a friend.

“Starting with the original ‘Digital One Rate Plan’ that changed the nature of wireless service in the United States to today’s introduction of true third-generation services, Nokia and AT&T Wireless have a long history of working together to introduce valuable, innovative products to American consumers,” said Tim Eckersley, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Nokia. “We are confident that in much the same way that mobile voice changed how people thought of voice communications, third-generation services, such as those being unveiled by AT&T Wireless today, will change the way people think of data communications.”

Other features of the Nokia 6651 imaging phone include an integrated VGA (640 x 480 pixels) camera, advanced voice features including voice dialing for up to 50 names, a voice recorder and handsfree speaker, and a video recorder capable of capturing up to 10 frames per second. Multiple connectivity options such as infrared and Bluetooth technology allow the Nokia 6651 phone to be easily connected to a PC for personal information synchronization or for connecting to Internet and intranet information at true broadband speeds.