AT&T launches the Motorola A845 UMTS handset

AT&T launches the Motorola A845 UMTS handset


Motorola and AT&T Wireless announced the availability of the Motorola A845 on North America’s first 3G/UMTS network. The launch of AT&T Wireless’ network and the availability of the model A845 makes mobile broadband a reality in the United States. Delivering higher speeds than ever before, the AT&T Wireless 3G/UMTS network paired with the Motorola A845 brings consumers richer data experiences including video streaming, video capture and playback, MP3 downloading and multi-media messaging.

Powered by 3G/UMTS technology, the Motorola A845 offers all of the latest mobile technology including integrated Bluetooth, MP3 player and 64 MB of memory for optimal storage. These features are an ideal complement to AT&T Wireless’ mMode service, providing vast array of business, entertainment and multi-media applications for a complete mobile experience. Additionally, consumers get advanced voice calling anywhere on AT&T Wireless’ GSM network, as well as wireless modem capabilities for connecting to laptops or PDA’s, getting average data speeds between 220-320kbps, with bursts up to 384kbps.

The Motorola A845 features:

— 3G/UMTS 1900 MHz, GSM/GPRS 850/1800/1900 MHz
— Streaming video support
— A 2.2″ extra large vivid color screen
— Dual Integrated VGA cameras
— Integrated MP3 player and MP3 ring tones
— 64 MB of embedded memory
— Multi-media messaging
— Bluetooth wireless connectivity
— Extensive downloading capabilities for adding screensavers, wallpapers and applications of choice
— Polyphonic speaker with MP3 and midi support

Pricing and Availability Information
The Motorola A845 is expected to be available today at AT&T Wireless retail stores in each of the four markets for an expected price of $299.99.