Bluesocket Announces RF Monitoring and Intrusion Protection System for WLANs

Bluesocket Announces RF Monitoring and Intrusion Protection System for WLANs


Bluesocket today announced BlueSecure, a dedicated wireless LAN monitoring and intrusion protection system to protect an organization’s network from wireless-based attacks.

BlueSecure Intrusion Protection System includes a server platform (BlueSecure Server) that provides WLAN administrators with an intuitive management interface to view all user activities, neighboring wireless LANs, rogue or unauthorized Access Points, outside threats posed by “war driving”, and advanced correlation to detect wireless attacks.

The BlueSecure Server works with the BlueSecure RF Sensor, a purpose-built radio frequency (RF) listening device that supports 802.11 b/a/g as an overlay to enterprises with or without an existing WLAN. BlueSecure is vendor-agnostic, working with any vendor APs or Wi-Fi client devices so that no changes to existing wireless or wired infrastructure are required.

“As with Bluesocket’s family of Wireless Gateways, BlueSecure interoperates with all WLAN vendors and protocols and provides a proactive approach to RF security monitoring and intrusion protection”, said Richard Webb, wireless LAN analyst at Infonetics Research. “Adding RF security to its portfolio nicely complements Bluesocket’s leadership position in WLAN security and management solutions, making for a compelling value proposition for enterprise WLAN deployments.

BlueSecure’s approach to wireless intrusion protection is based on finding wireless risks before hackers do, so vulnerabilities can be eliminated before they are exploited. The system economically distributes RF sensing capabilities over an entire physical environment to continually check for rogue wireless devices, vulnerabilities due to mis-configurations or mis-implementations, and best-practice policy violations. The system detects all types of wireless intrusions, including war-driving attacks, denial of service attacks (DoS), impersonation attacks, and the use of automated attack tools. Additional capabilities include advanced traffic analysis for security forensics, performance analysis and the diagnosis of network health problems.

“BlueSecure enables Wi-Fi administrators — whether Bluesocket customers or not – to fully control their airwaves, gaining protection from wireless LAN vulnerabilities, unauthorized APs, intrusions, denial-of-service attacks and other anomalies,” said Bob Darabant, Bluesocket’s VP of worldwide sales. “With 700 customers in more than 45 countries, Bluesocket aims to leverage its global leadership to provide comprehensive wireless security and policy-based solutions targeting healthcare, enterprise and government deployments.”

Pricing and Availability
BlueSecure Intrusion Protection System will be available in August from Bluesocket authorized partners and resellers/VARs. The 802.11 b/a/g RF Sensor is priced at $695, and the BlueSecure Server is $2,995. Attractive Wireless Gateway and Sensor bundles will also be available in August starting at $7,750.