Linksys Launches New Line of High-Gain Antennas for Wi-Fi Networking

Linksys Launches New Line of High-Gain Antennas for Wi-Fi Networking


Linksys today announced a line of high-gain antennas to be used with select Linksys Wireless-B and Wireless-G products. The high-gain antennas were developed to help increase the effective range of a Linksys home or small business wireless network. The antenna solutions include a pair of TNC Connector Antennas (HGA7T), a single SMA Connector Antenna (HGA7S) and Antenna Stands (AS1SMA and AS2TNC) for mounting the antennas to walls or ceilings.

TNC Connector Antennas (HGA7T)
The pair of TNC connector antennas are designed to help increase both the effective strength of outgoing Wi-Fi signals and the receive sensitivity for incoming signals for improved range with the goal of assisting home and small business users to obtain wireless access in rooms that the current signal isn’t reaching. The attachable dual TNC connector antennas are FCC approved for the following Linksys devices: WRT54GS, WRT54G, WAP54G, BEFW11S4, WAP11, and the new AS2TNC Antenna Stand.

SMA Connector Antenna (HGA7S)
The single SMA connector antenna is ideal for connecting to single antenna wireless adapters, bridges and routers, including the WRV54G, WMP54GS, WMP54G, WET54G, and the new AS1SMA Antenna Stand.

The attachable antennas are simple to use. Simply unscrew the current antennas attached to the router, access point, or network adapter or bridge and attach the high gain antennas in their place. There are no drivers to install and no modifications to the setup. The antennas will automatically begin to increase the effective range of a wireless network.

TNC and SMA Antenna Stands (AS2TNC and AS1SMA)
Linksys has also launched two new antennas stands to be used with the TNC and SMA connector antennas. The antenna stands allow users to mount the antennas on walls or ceilings up to 6 feet away to obtain a clearer signal to other devices on their wireless network.

Pricing and Availability

Linksys high gain antennas are immediately available at major US and Canadian retail, online retailers, distributors, director response and value added resellers. US estimated street pricing is as follows:

TNC Connector Pair (HGA7T): ESP: $59.99
SMA Connector (HGA7S): ESP: $59.99
TNC Antenna Stand (AS2TNC): ESP: $29.99
SMA Antenna Stand (AS1SMA): ESP: $29.99