Xion Sentinel Watch Tracks Children

Xion Sentinel Watch Tracks Children


After watching the Matrix 50 times in a row, the developers at Cambridge Positioning Systems announced a partnership with Xion Corporation to release the “Sentinel Watch”, this is powered with the highly accurate Matrix location tracking software. I couldn’t find a photo of this watch, but lets hope it doesn’t look anything like the Samsung Matrix Phone.

See press release below.

Cambridge Positioning Systems Ltd. and Xion today announced plans to collaborate on the development of a new wristwatch-based child safety communicator and locator – the first of its kind in North America to deliver high accuracy location in all environments including indoors.

Xion will integrate CPS’ Matrix location software into their Sentinel Watch, a GSM-based device that allows parents to securely track, locate and communicate with their children in an event of an emergency or on an ongoing basis.

Until now, most location devices have been underpinned by Cell-ID technology that is limited to locating individuals within a mobile network cell. In urban areas, where cell sites are concentrated, location accuracy is around the 500 meters. However In suburban areas, where mobile cells are much larger, location accuracy is adversely affected and can be anything up to 10km, delivering unpredictable and disappointing results for end users. Likewise, devices using satellite-based technology struggle to perform effectively and accurately indoors and in dense urban areas and are currently priced well beyond the means of most parents.

The new Sentinel Watch is based on a tri-band GSM engine and consistently delivers 100m accuracy in urban, suburban and rural areas. In addition the Watch can be tracked and located indoors and metal framed buildings. The watch also offers:
· parent/child communication via SMS/MMS
· a warning for parents if the child moves outside a designated or defined area
· a panic button which sends an immediate alert message to the parent
· security clasp and security strap the alert the parent when the watch is removed without authorisation
· gaming facilities

The Sentinel Watch has been developed after extensive pan-European research was conducted amongst the target market. The research revealed strong demand for a functional, stylish personal safety and communication product that would appeal to both parents and children alike whilst delivering consistent high accuracy location capability.

CPS and Xion are currently working together on integrating their respective software into both Xion’s Sentinel Server application and its Sentinel Watch. The Sentinel watch is scheduled for launch in early 2005 with a recommended retail price £69.00. The two companies are expected to work together on a number of other location-enabled devices for consumer and enterprise markets.

The launch of Sentinel will also mark CPS’ entry into a new market for its recently launched Matrix Solo solution – offering vendors the opportunity to integrate the unique software into standalone products for both the consumer and enterprise markets.

CPS Chief Executive Chris Wade said: “This is a perfect example of how the flexibility of our Matrix solution can be used to underpin products and services for discrete sectors of the mobile market. Xion turned to CPS because their extensive research highlighted clearly the disappointment with existing GPS and Cell-ID based child location devices that deliver fluctuating low accuracy location dependent on where the child might be.

“Matrix offers a rapid time to location fix, low cost and high accuracy everywhere – a compelling combination for a child tracking product. We now look forward to helping Xion bring this innovative new product.”

Robert Fillmore, Chief Executive of Xion said: “Parents are constantly concerned with the safety and security of their children and Xion with CPS can now offer a robust and affordable communications watch which will bring peace of mind for the parents, and be fun to use for the children. CPS is a key technology partner for us, together we will provide high accuracy location solutions across a number of markets.”

CPS’ Matrix technology is a unique software-only solution that combines sub-100m accuracy with rapid location time-to-fix and consistent performance across outdoor and indoor environments. Easy to deploy, Matrix requires software-enabled standard GSM devices and network server.