BrailleNote PK PDA for Blind

BrailleNote PK PDA for Blind


Pulse Data International just unveiled the smallest PDA for the blind. The BrailleNote PK pocket sized PDA supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and can sync with Microsoft Office and Outlook, or play MP3, Windows Media, Wave, AIF and other audio files.

The BrailleNote PK can connect to a WiFi hotspot, and surf the Net at high speed to catch up on your mail or read the paper. Use your corporate wireless network no matter where you are in your office. And when you get home, settle back in your easy chair and surfing the web using your wireless home network.

With the integrated Bluetooth technology, the BrailleNote PK will talk to a wide range of wireless devices including mobile phones, personal computers and keyboards. If no WiFi access is available, you can establish a Bluetooth connection with your cell phone for Internet access anywhere your mobile network has coverage. Use ActiveSync with Bluetooth to keep in sync with your PC and never have to be physically connect it. Even use a Bluetooth keyboard with your BrailleNote PK, and you have the choice of either Braille input on the PK itself, or QWERTY input on the Bluetooth keyboard. I also supports USB connections if you do not have Bluetooth on your PC.

Features and Specifications

– Size 6.8″ x 3.6″ x 1.3” (174mm x 92mm x 32mm )
– Weight 0.9 lbs. ( 450 grams)
– 8MB of non-volatile user storage
– 24MB ROM for program and OS storage
– 64 MB of RAM
– Compact Flash Card slot for additional user storage Ethernet card, modem card etc. Serial port (custom connector and cable)
– USB slave/client
– Bluetooth
– Ethernet connectivity
– Pop3 Email Support
– Synchronization with MS Outlook’s Planner and Contacts using KeySync
– Supports the 1GB MicroDrive and ATA Memory cards.
– PS2 connection (custom cable and connector)
– 18 cell Braille display
– Nominal battery operating time (speech only) 30 hours.