Archos AV400 Series Slips Into Market

Archos AV400 Series Slips Into Market


The Archos AV420 will be released under the AV400 series models exclusively on the QVC Shopping Network in the UK. The AV420 is 12.7 x 8.2 x 3.1 CM and is a bit bigger than the AV380.

I don’t understand why this is sold exclusive to QVC, however at a price of £405.24 who knows how many will actually be sold. It has recording features from TV, VCR, DVD or cable/satellite receiver through its TV cradle. Much like a VCR, DVD recorder or DVR, the TV cradle included is placed on or near your television set. While docked in the cradle, the AV400 can make unattended, timed recordings of your favourite TV shows, just like your existing VCR, even selecting the correct channel. Once recorded, you’re free to view shows again and again from the AV400’s high quality 3.5″ LCD colour screen.

Archos recently showed the AV500 at CeBit 2004, we thought this would be the next version released, I guess Archos has other plans.

Photographs courtesy of: Portable Media World