T-Mobile Unveils MDA III Wi-Fi PDA

T-Mobile Unveils MDA III Wi-Fi PDA


The T-Mobile MDA III handheld is a Wi-Fi enabled Pocket PC with a retractable QWERTY keyboard. This is the third version T-Mobile has released, unfortunately GPRS or 3G were not integrated into the successor of the MDA 2, but they have plans to add Blackberry push email support by Q4 2004.

T-Mobile is providing even greater efficiency and convenience in mobile business data communications with innovative products. The integrated W-LAN technology in the new T-Mobile MDA III steps up the revs on mobile data exchange. The device also has a complete keyboard.

With the T-Mobile MDA III, T-Mobile is firmly continuing the success story of the Mobile Digital Assistant: The T-Mobile MDA is number one in the fast growing market for PDA phones in Germany, with a share of 40 percent. The third version of the MDA will be available from September. Thanks to integrated W-LAN technology, the MDA III allows very fast data exchange via wireless local networks, or at T-Mobile and T-Com HotSpot locations. The device has a complete pull-out keyboard for inputting text easily and conveniently. The battery capacity has been increased by about 25 percent. The BlackBerry email push service is also scheduled to be available for the MDA III from the fourth quarter of this year.