Power and Data Transmission Via Your Skin

Power and Data Transmission Via Your Skin


Microsoft this week was awarded one of the strangest patents you could imagine a software company would want to create. The patent number 6,754,472 describes a new method of transmitting power and data to devices worn around the body, and for communication and data exchange between those devices. Call me Robocop but this sounds a bit freaky even for a gadget crazy like myself. The devices would be wristwatches, pagers, PDAs, cell phones, head gear, audio players and anything else small enough that you can strap to yourself.

“As a result of carrying multiple portable electronic devices, there is often a significant amount of redundancy in terms of input/output devices included in the portable devices used by a single person,” says the filing. “For example, a watch, pager, PDA and radio may all include a speaker.”

Ok Microsoft, relax, you are freaking us out now, we know you have no good intentions in this world, just hold off on the windows powered pace makers.

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