Net-2Com and Fujitsu Unveil Roaming Wireless IP Handset

Net-2Com and Fujitsu Unveil Roaming Wireless IP Handset


Net-2Com and Fujitsu today have announced together the development of the world’s first wireless IP mobile handset capable of seamless switching between wireless LAN and public wireless networks. The prototype handset features built-in wireless LAN functions and enables free selection of public wireless networks through inserting various CompactFlash networking cards, allowing global use. By adopting standard operating systems for PDAs, this handset supports a wide range of applications including business applications.

The handset is a new kind of wireless IP phone featuring open architecture, which enables free selection of applications and networks, and compact portability adaptable to the variety of networking environments, tasks, services and usages of the ubiquitous networking era. The prototype will be exhibited at CHINA ELECOM 2004 from June 23 in Shanghai and at Fujitsu Solution Forum 2004 from July 7 in Tokyo. Newly developed IP Handset Prototype

The developed handset is a prototype of a new type of IP handset featuring a built-in wireless LAN, and which encompasses both open architecture and compact mobility. The handset is capable of supporting a variety of public wireless networks through the insertion of CompactFlash cards and utilizes open architecture which makes it possible to add applications as desired. The prototype enables seamless handover between wireless LAN and various public wireless networks and is ideal for networking environments in today’s ubiquitous networking era. Net-2Com primarily developed the hardware, while Fujitsu Laboratories was mainly responsible for software development.


1. Includes CompactFlash slot interface for compatibility with various public wireless networks.

2. Runs on standard OS and freely supports various applications

3. Capable of automatic switching between wireless LAN and various public wireless networks and uninterrupted service during network switching.

4. Features automatic connection regardless of connection method variances in various wireless LAN hotspots.

5. Supports IP phones in narrow-bandwith wireless networks through high-compression voice CODEC.

6. Expected to feature circuit-switching mode voice communication functions through public wireless network cards.

Key Specifications

Display: 2.2 inch QGVA color LCD

Voice CODEC: G.711, G.729a compatible

Wireless LAN protocol: IEEE802.11b (built-in)

External Interface: CF Slot x 1, USB x 1

OS: Windows CE .NET 4.2 (Linux support under consideration)

CPU: Intel PXA273