Sorrent Publishes Atari DRIV3R for Mobile Phones

Sorrent Publishes Atari DRIV3R for Mobile Phones


Sorrent today announced the launch of Atari’s DRIV3R, the action-packed driving adventure game, on mobile phones. DRIV3R for mobile phones was developed by Sorrent for its exclusive use.

In DRIV3R, gamers play as Tanner, an undercover cop and fearless driver who is trying to infiltrate and topple a global car-theft ring. Including both in-car and out-of-car game play, DRIV3R for mobile phones features a mission-based storyline that becomes more challenging as the game progresses. As gamers successfully complete the Undercover Mode, console cheat codes are unlocked.

DRIV3R for mobile features:

— Race and chase through the city streets of Miami, Nice and Istanbul

— Both in-car and out-of-car game play, a mobile first

— Top down view and huge maps recreate the look and feel of each city

— Multiple controllable vehicles, including trucks, motorcycles and cars

— “Destination Indicator” helps guide gamers through complex city streets

— Authentically recreated driving physics unique to each vehicle

— Unlockable hidden cheat codes for the console versions of DRIV3R

Sorrent will also exclusively publish ringtones and wallpaper as part of the DRIV3R mobile experience.