Philips Designs Dual Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Chip

Philips Designs Dual Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Chip


Philips Semiconductor announced an integrated single-package Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chip for smart phones and portable devices that include hardware and software for a four-wire interface that will allow both radios to coexist when co-located.

“We have a vision of a connected planet and a connected consumer and the mobility of those consumers is manifest in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi,” said Paul Marino, vice president and general manager of connectivity at Philips Semiconductor. “But as you move to mobile devices from the desktop, you need low power, small size and coexistence,” he said.

To those ends, the company relied on advanced system-in-package (SiP) technology to lower the overall footprint and power consumption. The technology also provides a proprietary four-wire interface between two radios to overcome coexistence issues that arise when two 2.45-GHz radios are collocated a short distance from each other on a small mobile device.