IBUS Technology to Track Children on School Buses

IBUS Technology to Track Children on School Buses


U.S. technology firm National Scientific Corporation today announced a new Wi-Fi enabled version to its IBUS school bus passenger authentication system.

This latest product offering allows school districts to more effectively track and identify school bus passengers.

By adding Wi-Fi capability to National Scientific’s IBUS product, school districts can simply and easily track students who are riding on their school buses. This new Wi-Fi enabled GPS data logging unit tracks the location of buses and logs students boarding or disembarking from the bus. A series of strategically located Wi-Fi access points are used to securely move that data from the school bus back to the school’s online student database. School districts save time and money while increasing student safety when they utilize a student tracking system such as IBUS.

“Wi-Fi capability significantly lowers deployment and maintenance costs by reducing the hardware components needed for the system while streamlining access to student security data,” said Graham Clark, National Scientific Corporation’s president. “We have a number of initiatives aimed at simplifying Medicaid transportation reimbursement of special needs students and when combined with our Wi-Fi IBUS technology, we believe we have a very strong product offering that should generate a significant return on the investment.”

IBUS is a student tracking system, which includes an ID card reader and a GPS module for time and location information. Additionally this system interfaces with any standard 802.11x Wi-Fi access points.