Nokia Reveals Clamshell Designs

Nokia Reveals Clamshell Designs


Nokia today revealed the company’s first ever flip phone designs at the Nokia Connection conference. The Nokia 6260, 6170, and 2650 are all clamshell handsets that are expected to start shipping in Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific and Americas in third quarter, 2004.

Nokia 6260

The Nokia 6260 smartphone, a high-performance business phone designed for mobile professionals offers the latest mobile technology features and applications, including push to talk, email, Bluetooth connectivity and a VGA camera in an innovative fold design. The tri-band Nokia 6260 smartphone is based on the Symbian operating system and Series 60, the world’s leading smartphone platform. As for the design: it is more than just a clamshell, it’s a fold with a twist!

Also flexible in functionality and design, the 6260 can be opened to talk, fold it with the display facing out to browse the web or access applications, twist the display to activate the camera, or close it flat to slip into your briefcase. As a work companion, the Nokia 6260 boosts efficiency by enabling people to initiate a quick discussion with colleagues and even groups, at the touch of a single button using push to talk. The presence-enhanced contacts service also alerts personal and professional contacts on your availability, potentially saving time for both parties. Email is at hand, and the presentation and document viewer allows users to view compatible attachments directly on their phone. Additionally, data synchronization enables local or remote updates of calendar, contacts and to-do lists.

Nokia 6170

In the mid-range, the Nokia 6170 is an attractive, clamshell camera phone that combines modern, stainless steel design with a feature set that emphasizes quality of life. The strength of this phone is its flexible messaging options: e-mail, instant messaging, MMS and push to talk all in one handset. Push to talk brings GSM subscribers a totally new way of using mobile phone for one-on-one and group communications. Several operators around the world are likely to launch push to talk services this year, introducing an enticing option for operators, business users and consumers.

Running late? With push of a button, instantly connect with an individual or group using push to talk to let them know you are delayed. The Nokia 6170’s presence enhanced contacts informs colleagues about your availability and whereabouts if you are unable to respond to calls or text messages.

An external 96×65 screen offers up to 4,096 colors – an ideal palate for screen savers and wallpapers, in addition to providing information on incoming calls, date and time, and phone status. The bright 128×160 internal display features up to 65,536 colors, ideally optimized for convenient browsing via XHTML as well as providing a perfect medium for color pictures and video clips, which can be captured on the integrated VGA camera. With complete MMS capability, the Nokia 6170 camera phone promises not only to help to capture the most important things, but to share them with the people that matter most.

A sophisticated communications tool, the Nokia 6170 offers up to 4 hours of talk time and up to 270 hours of standby time.

Nokia 2650

The Nokia 2650 phone (EGSM900/1800) offers an attractive fold design, supports a color display, browser functionality as well as MMS, Java games and applications. Its classic design and rich feature set make the Nokia 2650 an elegant and affordable choice to users seeking to manage their communication needs both professionally and socially. Equipped with useful personal time management features, the Nokia 2650 has a calendar with enhanced functionality that helps to keep track of both important business and private events. Contact entries can also be easily managed by the sending and receiving of business cards which contain all contact information either via SMS or via MMS if a picture is attached.

The color display and the integrated XHTML browser in the Nokia 2650 phone offer strong personalization options such as wallpapers, selectable color themes and graphics which can be downloaded via GPRS. Polyphonic ring tones and flashing LED light alerts on the outside of the Nokia 2650 announce incoming calls and messages in a fun way. The Nokia 2650 phone can be further customized according to personal needs and preferences by downloading ring tones, Java games and applications from

Weighing 97 grams, the Nokia 2650 has a talk time of up to 3 hours and a standby time of up to 300 hours. The available colors for the standard sales packages will be red, silver, brown and smoke gray, depending on region.