Orange SPV C500 – The Smallest Smartphone in the World

Orange SPV C500 – The Smallest Smartphone in the World


Mobile operator Orange yesterday launched a new smartphone that is one claimed to be the world’s smallest handset and runs on Windows Mobile 2003 SE.

The SPV 500 is one third smaller than its predecessor and still manages to pack in a 65K TFT display, a VGA camera, integrated hands free speaker, polyphonic ring tones, Bluetooth, infrared, USB and an external mini SD slot.

The new phone will be available to consumers this summer in seven European countries: Britain, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland, and Slovakia.

Orange said that in the future it may demand designs from phone makers that are even further tailored to Orange’s specific needs. Currently it has a checklist of 200 requirements for a phone model to fit into the range of Orange-signature models.

“And that number of requirements has been increasing,” Martin Keogh, Orange’s vice president Global Product Management, told Reuters on the sidelines of the World Handset Forum.