Karaoke on Verizon Get It Now

Karaoke on Verizon Get It Now


First International Digital, Inc. today announced that it has launched the first karaoke service in the U.S. for mobile phone users. Mobile Karaoke allows users with BREW-capable handsets to download karaoke songs and display synchronized lyrics and images through Verizon’s Get it Now service.

The service has launched with 50 high-quality, polyphonic MIDI karaoke songs, including those from popular artists, holiday tunes, and patriotic songs. Users can purchase individual songs for $1.25, or in bundles of three ($3.49), or six ($5.99) units. With new songs being constantly added to the library, users can store and manage purchased songs on their handsets or archive songs in their personal vault for easy retrieval.

“Mobile Karaoke is just the first step towards FID’s development of a complete ‘mobile jukebox’ application,” said Randy Cavaiani, EVP of Software Products at FID, which has licensed its multimedia authoring tools to major content providers, as well as pre-loaded its software on more than three million handsets globally. “With Mobile Jukebox, users will download MP3 files, edit and send photos, identify any song wherever and whenever they hear it, and create fully customized multimedia greetings to family and friends all from the convenience of their handsets.”

The Mobile Karaoke service was developed using FID’s maxMIDI technology, part of its SuperMedia suite of multimedia client software and authoring tools (www.fidinc.com/developer/). SuperMedia enables content providers and application developers to create and deliver mobile multimedia content – with synchronized audio, text, and images – on and across various devices, such as mobile phones, PDAs, and PCs.

“Mobile karaoke is already hugely popular in Asia, the world’s largest wireless market,” Cavaiani added. “Now, for the first time, cellular customers in the U.S. will be able to carry this fun, trend-setting application on their mobile phones.”