NeoMagic MiMagic 6 Enables Advanced Multimedia for Smartphones

NeoMagic MiMagic 6 Enables Advanced Multimedia for Smartphones


NeoMagic Corporation today announced that Pantech & Curitel will use NeoMagic’s MiMagic 6 Applications Processor in a Smartphone with advanced features including 3D gaming and next-generation video encode and decode.

Pantech & Curitel is the third largest mobile phone manufacturer in Korea. The company also supplies mobile phones to carriers such as Sprint PCS and Verizon in the United States, as well as Audiovox in the United States and internationally, among others. In calendar 2003, Pantech & Curitel shipped more than 12 million mobile phones worldwide. Pantech, half of the Pantech & Curitel name, originally provided mobile phones to Motorola, which now owns 16.7 percent of Pantech. Curitel was spun off from Hyundai in 2001.

“Pantech & Curitel believes that its focus on the mid-to-high end of the mobile phone market is well supported by NeoMagic’s product roadmap,” said Youngha Lee, chief technology officer and senior vice president of the corporate research and development center for Curitel Communications, Inc. “Pantech & Curitel has expanded market share by offering superior mobile phones with sought after multimedia capabilities,” Lee continued. To stay on the leading edge, we select partners that are able to deliver the most advanced low-power multimedia requirements. NeoMagic is such a partner. The MiMagic 6 has a scalable array processing architecture that is the heart of its multimedia-rich, low-power solution.”

“Pantech & Curitel’s understanding of consumer multimedia needs has enabled the company to grow extremely rapidly,” said Prakash Agarwal, NeoMagic’s president and CEO. “Pantech & Curitel has been on the leading edge of multimedia-enabled mobile phones, first with the announcement of a two megapixel camera phone and, going forward, with Smartphones that take multimedia to the next level,” Agarwal continued. “We are pleased to have the opportunity to support Pantech & Curitel’s Smartphone platform with our MiMagic Applications Processors.”

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