Apricorn Introduces EZ Bus Mini 1.8-inch Mobile Hard Drive

Apricorn Introduces EZ Bus Mini 1.8-inch Mobile Hard Drive


Apricorn has introduced the EZ Bus Mini 1.8-inch mobile hard drive, weighing only 5 ounces and completely bus-powered with USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) certification and can sustain data transfers of 480Mbps.

The EZ Bus Mini features 20GB and 40GB capacities, 4200RPM hard drive with an integrated USB cable. The hard drive enclosure has a recessed compartment to keep the USB cable clear from view, and is bus-powered, so no AC adapter is required.

“Our EZ Bus Mini is the complete package enabling mobile professionals to easily backup and transfer files as well as safeguard data while traveling on business or commuting between home and the office,” said Mike McCandless, Apricorn Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “And the certification from the USB-IF furthers our commitment to our customers to provide the most reliable products.”

EZ Mini Bus is hot swappable with plug-n-play features and is only 15mm x 75 mm x 101mm in size. Included with the EZ Bus Mini package is a travel pouch, encryption and synchronizing software, and back up software — EZ Gig II Hard Drive Cloning and Backup Software.

The encryption software included with the EZ Bus Mini secures and protects confidential and sensitive information. The software uses a mathematical process of scrambling data to ensure maximum privacy protection.

The synchronizing software allows for file sharing between multiple PC’s, ensuring replication tasks are efficient and maintain data integrity.

EZ Gig II Hard Drive Cloning and Backup Software for Windows, is one of the most powerful and user-friendly backup packages available, providing two utilities on one disk: Clone EZ and Image EZ. Clone EZ is ideal for users who require an exact bootable clone of their drive. A cloned copy is great for upgrading a hard drive or real-time disaster recovery. Image EZ is perfect for users who want a compressed image of either their entire hard drive or a partition. Image EZ compresses its backup image files, leaving users enough space to backup multiple computers, or maintain multiple backups made at different times.